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Mentor Profile

GoldenOpps is only open to MEN who meet the following requirements:


At least 21 years of age


Have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and now have a mature relationship with Christ in which they are continually seeking to grow as a disciple


Must be clean and free from any addictions to drugs or alcohol for at least two (2) years, which includes any drug or alcohol citations or convictions prior to applying to become a Mentor


Have a valid driver’s license, proof of current auto insurance, and reliable transportation


Potential Mentors must have a desire to use their gifts and talents as part of a GoldenOpps Team to help men who are recovering from addiction to re-enter society and become disciples of Christ

GoldenOpps Mentors must also:

  • Understand that this program requires a One Year Commitment from you as a Mentor
  • Agree to honestly and accurately complete and sign the Mentor Application & Agreement, along with any required releases, or other forms
  • If requested, submit to appropriate background checks and drug testing
  • Participate in the Mentor interview process to determine suitability for the Mentor program
  • Accept and work with the Mentee chosen by GoldenOpps, and if things don’t work out with the first Mentee, you are willing to try again with a new Mentee assigned to you by GoldenOpps
  • Be willing to spend several hours (suggested min of 4 hours a month) with your Mentee in person, or via phone, text, email, with a minimum of 2 face to face meetings per month over the next year
  • Agree to attend a mandatory Basic Training Session where you will receive a mentoring “Tool Kit” that you will study before being matched with a mentee
  • Use the processes and tools provided by GoldenOpps with your Mentee for activities focused on the “Tool Kit” process of life skills mentoring, along with intentional guiding of the Mentee and teaching them about the Holy Spirit and the transformation that Christ can do in a person’s life
  • Commit to attending the annual GoldenOpps Celebration Event marking the successful 1 Year commitment and graduation of Mentees in the program

How are Mentors selected?


To be selected as a Mentor of GoldenOpps, men must demonstrate that they are willing to abide by the rules and requirements of the Mentor Profile. Each man who is selected to become a Mentor of GoldenOpps will be assigned to a Mentee and will provide the Mentee with the necessary guidance and support to help them to successfully re-enter society. Mentors will also provide the necessary assistance and accountability to help Mentees live a Christ-centered life and avoid the pitfalls and other circumstances that could cause them to relapse or end up back in the old life from which they have been redeemed. Our job as Mentors is to provide Mentees with guidance and support wrapped in the love of Christ.

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