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Mentee Profile

GoldenOpps is open to MEN who meet the following requirements:


At least 21 years of age


Has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior


Must have documented and verified sobriety (stopped all drug and alcohol abuse) for at least 30 days prior to applying to GoldenOpps to become a Mentee


Is now seeking sincere guidance in the WAY of learning Christian life skills and God giving transformation powers


Has graduated from a Christian-Based Addiction Recovery program and been recommended to GoldenOpps by program leadership


Has a desire and has made a commitment to spiritual life transformation

GoldenOpps Mentees must:

  • Understand this is a Christ centered program that requires a One Year Commitment
  • Agree to honestly and accurately complete the Mentee Application & Agreement
  • Participate in an interview process to determine suitability for the program
  • Accept and work with the Mentor chosen by GoldenOpps.
  • Agree to use the processes and tools provided by your Mentor through Golden Opps
  • Maintain your sobriety throughout the entire One Year program.
  • Submit to appropriate background checks and testing.
  • Attend follow-up addiction recovery counseling and support

How are Mentees selected?

To be selected as a Mentee of GoldenOpps, men must demonstrate that they are willing to abide by the rules and requirements of the program. Each man who is selected to become a Mentee of GoldenOpps will be assigned a Mentor who will provide the Mentee with certain necessary guidance and support to help them to successfully re-enter society. Mentors will also provide the necessary assistance and accountability to help Mentees live a Christ-centered life and avoid the pitfalls and other circumstances that could cause them to relapse or end up back in the old life from which they have been redeemed.

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